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2088 Series (Diaphragm Pump)

The SHURFLO 2088 Series diaphragm pumps deliver reliable performance in high flow, moderate pressure applications. They are used in a variety of spot spraying, multi-tip spraying and liquid fertiliser applications that require flows of up to 3.6 GPM [13.6 L/min]. ...
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8000 Series (Diaphragm Pump)

The 8000 Series diaphragm pump is the most widely used SHURFLO agriculture pump. Viton valve material assures maximum chemical resistance. The unique conical valve design delivers high flow rates at maximum discharge pressures, making the 8000 Series the pump of ...
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The SHURFLO X-Tender spray kit redefines boomless spray technology combining the characteristics of off-centre spray tips with excellent coverage of a flat fan spray tip. They are a complete solution and an ideal fit with the SHURFLO 8000 and 2088 ...
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SLV Series (Diaphragm Pump)

The SHURFLO SLV is ideal for low volume, intermittent-duty applications requiring a compact pump with low power consumption. Unique design has no metals in the fluid path for maximum chemical resistance. Pump features include automatic demand operation and elastomers that ...
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