The SHURFLO X-Tender spray kit redefines boomless spray technology combining the characteristics of off-centre spray tips with excellent coverage of a flat fan spray tip. They are a complete solution and an ideal fit with the SHURFLO 8000 and 2088 series pumps, eliminating the need for a spray boom. The X-Tender spray kit provides an even coverage to 3.7 metres with a single nozzle and 7.4 metres with a double nozzle.

Key Features

  • Even spray swath up to 7.4 metres
  • No need for a spray boom
  • Fits ATV / UTV or sprayer
  • Operated by your 12 VDC SHURFLOR pump
  • Large droplet reduces drift and promotes spray penetration

The kit consists of:

  • SHURFLO 12 VDC pump
  • Hypro XT010 FastCapR
  • Bracket assembly and fittings
  • Swivel assembly and fittings
  • 600mm agricultural spray hose
  • Blanking cap


A “complete solution” with either SHURFLO 8000 or 2088 series pump and boomless spray tip, eliminating the need for a Spray Boom.

Contact your Dealer for price and availability.



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