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Home to Australia, Onga Pump Shop has engineered the pump that’s perfected for tough Australian conditions.

Onga Pump Shop is your local go-to expert for a quality range of performance pumps you can rely on at great value prices.

Our team of friendly professionals can match the right pump for every need, whether it’s for agricultural, industrial, commercial or home use. We stock and service a wide selection of energy efficient, water saving and high-performance pump solutions and systems, so you get more value, for even longer.

We proudly recommend Onga pumps, which are engineered for tough Australian conditions and manufactured in Italy, the USA, Australia, Asia and assembled at Onga’s manufacturing plant in Melbourne.

An iconic Australian-founded brand, Onga is known for long-lasting, high-performance and reliable pumps since 1967. Onga Pump Shop is the place for all types of specialty pumps, with a convenient selection of brands and choices to suit your needs and budget.

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