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Since 1999 Irrigear Goulburn has built its reputation on product support, listening to the end user and providing practical, efficient, cost-effective solutions to water and fluid management problems.

Irrigear Goulburn Irrigear was founded by Dick and Charlie McDonald in September 1999. With a farming background and a small irrigation equipment wholesale business they started a small irrigation business in the main street of Goulburn with a very limited range of product and a lot of faith. Charlie and Bronwyn bought Dick out in 2006 and since then have expanded the business.

Irrigear Goulburn now services the pump and irrigation needs of a large part of the Southern Tablelands and Southern Highlands. Joining Irrigear® in 2009 and moving to new premises in 2016 have been major milestones along the way.

Business and property owners, farm and asset managers, homeowners, trade professionals and DIY alike rely on Irrigear Goulburn for professional advice, access to industry-leading brands and products and proven solutions to a wide range of water management problems

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