US75ES / US105ES

The submersible drainage pumps of the US range provide a reliable solution for all types of faecal-free waste water. These pumps use high-performance motors, hydraulics which are specially adapted to the pumping medium and high-quality materials. The US range is rounded off with the US75 & US105 with a free passage of 50 mm particle size. Standard features of the dry running safe pumps are a controllable oil chamber, a wear resistant silicon carbide mechanical seal and a permanently lubricated roller bearing to ensure a long service life.

Key Features

  • Free standing
  • 50 mm free passage
  • Controllable oil chamber
  • SiC mechanical seal independent of rotation direction
  • Replaceable moisture sealed cable inlet
  • Guide rail systems available


Domestic waste water (without faecal matter), rainwater, drainage, contaminated solids with 50 mm course solids and fibrous waste water.

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