Our Pentair Pump Controllers are compatible with our submersible Jung and CSM products offering an automatic alternating pump start for your sump pump. With an anti seize/ freeze feature, the controllers are opportune for low usage and with seasonal pumping applications. Other features include a delayed start and minimum run time, plus a lamp, strobe and buzzer test feature with a level alarm delay feature avoiding nuisance tripping. The mains power is also lockable and equipped with an isolation switch.

Key Features

  • Provision for 4 digital and 1 analogue inputs (typically low level, stop/start, standby in and high level)
  • Maximum run time and auto alternation feature
  • Maximum idle time feature, for “pump out” of residual in pump well situations
  • Smart “auto silencing” and “chirp mode” audible alarm
  • Delayed standby pump start, avoids two motors starting simultaneously
  • Optional “time out” on manual pump mode automatic reset to auto
  • No flow/pressure – inbuilt timer feature


Sewage pits
Storm water
Recycled water
Circulator pumps
Constant pressure systems
Transfer pumping

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