The MultiDrain UV3 is a versatile drainage pump with stainless steel casing and a vertical discharge, making this an ideal grey water pump for portable applications. The UV3 has an easy-to-activate flushing device that pumps rainwater, domestic grey water and lighty polluted wastewater. Casing made of stainless steel for longer lasting performance. Motor cooling jacket ensures submerged operation without the risk of overheating. When the strainer base is removed, it can suction out residual water down to a level of 5 mm.The UV3 comes in two variants – UV3-S and UV3-SF. The SF model with a vertical float offers the perfect solution for discharging wastewater from a narrow pit from as small as 22cm in diameter.

Key Features

  • High quality stainless steel design
  • Cooling jacket for motor housing
  • Free passage 10 mm
  • Vertical discharge branch 1 1/4”
  • Moisture sealed cable inlet
  • Fluid temperature 35 °C, temporarily 70 °C (10 min.)


Well-suited for mobile use and ideal for narrow pits.

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