For more than a 30 years the MultiCut submersible sewage pump has been a success with its approved cutting system. They are high-quality pumps that always guarantee a clean solution. They are unsusceptible to blockages due to the cutting process taking place upstream of the pump’s hydraulic system. The high performance cutting process take place with over 62,000 cuts per minute. The cutting system and impeller can be adjusted without the need for replacement parts in order for adaption to a range of applications.

Key Features

  • New cutting technology (redesigned cutting rotor and cutting plate)
  • External adjustable cutting mechanism
  • SiC mechanical seal independent of sense of rotation
  • Installed motor protection
  • Moisture-sealed cable inlet with plug-in cable connection


Suitable for septic effluent, grey or black water containing raw sewage, solids and stringy fibrous matter.

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